Welcome to Funny Stories which enable all those, treated insignificant due to physical disabilities and social conditions, improve their lives with the help of tremendous support and strength gained by the process of relationship building. The procedure is based on a very simple and well-known concept that Man is a social animal. Thus it is the process of associating with like-minded people and several care providing associations and groups alone that can bring us out of psychological, physical and social trauma.

  Extensive support and care can only be provided by encouraging regular social participation. Funny Stories has been designed with the sole motive of bringing people from different social and psychological background together at a common platform so that they can share each other’s stories, experiences, ideas, outlook, thoughts, ambitions, aspirations and so on. The purpose is not to sympathize, but, to empathize. Communicating with people suffering under like situation, relieves one from stress and insecurity and enables one to look at self with confidence and buoyancy.

  Social participation is a traditional method of improving one’s way of life. It has been adopted since generations. Several organizations use different kinds of communication tactics to perk up the morale of employees. Funny Stories has provided a worldwide platform of communication thus facilitating development in the way of life of several individuals.

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